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"I have never been warmer! I love the ability to change the temperature of my jacket."
Garrett Graves
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Q: What is NobleTek technology?

A: Lone Wolf Technology Page


Q: Is the argon gas flamable?

A: Argon gas is not famable. check out Universal Industrial Gases Inc. for more clarification on Argon gas.


Q: Is Argon gas safe?

A: Completely safe, argon gas is already found in the air we breath. 


Q: How long does the argon gas last?

A: A normal use of argon gas will last two weeks. You can get 30 usages per bottle you buy.


Q: What is the difference between air and argon gas?

A: When you use argon gas you are three time more insulated than when you use normal air in your vest.


Q: How can I learn more about Shipping?

A: We have a page just for our shipping information


Q: How do I track my order?

A: Our tracking page allows you to enter the tracking number and find out where your new Lone Wolf product is located.


Q: How do I contact Lone Wolf Clothing?

A: Our contact page allows a quick email solution. Also, contact us at buylonewolf@gmail.com, call us at (443) 814-9653, or write us at Lone Wolf Clothing; 468 N 100 W #11; Provo, UT 84601; US.

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